Minjun Chen
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MIT Hackathons


I got unique opportunities to explore inclusive design and build functional prototypes for accessibility throughout the integration of sensor technologies, digital platforms, and service design during MIT hackathons.

I was selected from 1000+ of applicants to participate in two hackathons at MIT: Hack for inclusion, and MIT Hacking Medicine. As a product designer, I worked closely with engineers, product managers, developers, scientists within 2 days to discover, brainstorm, prototype, iterate and build projects for people with special needs.

Happy to show what we’ve been baking during the 48 hours.

Hack with MIT


Hack for Inclusion

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Gider uses sensor technology to improve navigation for the visually impaired people.

Hackathon | MIT Hack for Inclusion

Date | February 22-23, 2019

My role | User research, user interview, interaction design, UI design

Award | the 2nd Place & 1st Place Audience Choice

Sponsor | Microsoft


How might we solve the 15-foot problem for blind people riding public buses?

Our team was assigned a very broad topic by our sponsor: How can available and emerging technologies converge to create better navigation solutions for blind pedestrians? We started to interview with our users and then narrowed down to this 15-foot problem.

Problem Statement


Gider has smart sensors to alert both bus drivers and assist the blind people when he/she is within 25 feet of a defined bus stop.

Our solution


Demo Time


We won the 2nd Place & 1st Place Audience Choice out of 50+ teams!



Next Steps

  1. Integrate Google API more fully with our product

  2. Conduct user interviews not only with visually imparied people, but also with bus drivers

  3. As a use case, partner with the MBTA to install RFID tags at Boston bus stops



MIT Hacking Medicine


Cilia is the online retailer service to simplify the process of getting hearing aids for partially deaf users.

Hackathon | MIT Hacking Medicine

Date | April 13-April 15, 2019

My role | User research, service design, interaction design, user interface design

Award | the 3rd Place

Sponsor | Samsung



How might we reduce friction in the process of getting hearing aids?

Problem Statement


Our solution

Hack med.jpg

We won the 3rd Place out of 50+ teams!