Minjun Chen


b. 1986, HK.


Hey, I'm Minjun Chen, a coffee-infused product designer ☕


If you hate bad coffee, we should be friends. 



I am an interdisciplinary product designer who constantly engage with cultural, social, and ethic issues through designing the mixture of physical and digital experiences. After attaining my BA degree in Chinese Language and Literature in Beijing, I moved to Philadelphia to pursue my master’s degree in Learning Sciences and Technologies at the University of Pennsylvania. Then I got my second master’ degree in Human-Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington.

My diverse background has enabled me to use design as a means to raise questions and open a dialogue about critical issues in the global sphere; so far I have deeply enjoyed building the tools for system change, telling stories for cultural progress, and designing delightful physical & digital experiences. I’ve worked with companies across industries, including early stage start-ups, non-profit, Fortune 100 ‘s, and shipped products to millions of users.

Feel free to reach out whenever you’d like, on any platform, I’d love to hear from you or grab a coffee together.



🐈 🐾 🐕

I am a fish & bone-obsessed designer who has a lovely, cute and playful British Shorthair kitten. His name is Kirby.


“Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed your stay 👅“




“You can learn the technique, but passion is cultivated through dedication, love, pride and respect in your work.”—Piero Bambi (Founder of La Marzocco)

I am a coffee-infused product designer who can’t live without three cups of coffee everyday. I have been to 100+ coffee shops. Check my favorite list here ☝️☕️:

  • Ritual Coffee Roasters (San Francisco)

  • Case Study Coffee Roasters (Portland)

  • Mental Hands (Beijing)

  • Barista Specialty (Beijing)

  • La Marzocco (Seattle)

  • Slate Coffee Roasters (Seattle)

  • Broadcast Coffee Roasters (Seattle)

  • Blue Bottle (San Francisco)

  • Sightglass Coffee (San Francisco)



I make coffee at home, and I always buy coffee beans from local coffee roasters. Check my coffee collection there ☝️☕️ :


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